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Google's Business Messages

Connect with customers at the moment of search

Google's Business Messages enables messaging from Google Maps and Search directly to your business.

A direct line to 92% of global search traffic

Your storefront on Google Search

Enable customers to contact your business directly from Google Search results. Start conversations, support customers, and drive sales to prospects.

Messaging built-in to Google Maps

Now, when someone looks to find you on Google Maps, they can also start a conversation. Let them know your business is open and ready.

Rich features to make your business stand out

On top of being where your customers are Google’s Business Messages enables rich messaging like image carousels, buttons, suggested replies and more.

Use Google’s Business Messages for all types of conversations


Engage prospects that are actively searching for your product or business. Share information around special offers and promotions.


Connect with potential buyers and start your sales cycle faster than ever. Take advantage of meeting customers during their research phase.


Rapidly and efficiently resolve support queries with messaging. If a customer prefers phone support, share availability and helpful resources in the meantime.

A communication toolkit to increase engagement and drive CSAT

Rapid, effective resolutions with chat bots

Easily build chatbots and communication flows to answer common questions and inquiries as soon as they’re asked.

Learn more about Flow Builder

Deep insight and analysis with AI and Smart Data

Automatically analyze incoming messages to giving insights to your team to respond quickly and effectively

An Inbox built for messaging delight

Inbox organizes incoming messages to your business allowing your team to respond to customers directly on Google properties.

Learn more about Inbox

Bridging the gap between digital and brick-and-mortar stores:

Streamline customer experience

Today, customers meet your business digitally. Take full control over the experience from search, to directions, to purchase, and beyond.

Build on brand loyalty

Expand your base of loyal customers by offering an always-on, rapidly informative communication channel with your business.

Enjoy messaging efficiency

Messaging unlocks a one to many relationship between your team and the number of customers they can serve.

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